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Reduce your vulnerability management workload by 90%

Coana's SCA helps you safely disregard unexploitable vulnerabilities and easily patch the few that matter.

Works with any CI/CD platform. No complex configuration or agents required.

Backed by leading investors

Built by leading researchers

Before Switching to Coana

From Overwhelming Noise

Traditional SCA tools do not distinguish between exploitable and unexploitable vulnerabilities. As a consequence, more than 80% of the vulnerabilities that developers are remediating are irrelevant and can be safely ignored.

After Switching to Coana

To Clean Signal

Coana employs Reachability Analysis to eliminate more than 80% false positives. As a consequence, developers only need to remediate the remaining few vulnerabilities that are relevant.


Focus on What Matters

With more than 80% of vulnerabilities being unreachable, you save time and resources by focusing only on the remaining few that pose a real threat.

Identify reachable vulnerabilities in both direct and indirect dependencies.

Pinpoint the exact locations in your code affected by reachable vulnerabilities.

Apply the updates necessary to remediate reachable vulnerabilities.

Built by Leading Academic Researchers

Coana's reachability analysis is built by members from a leading research group in static analysis.


The Advantages of Reachability Analysis

Build more efficient open source vulnerability scanning into your software development lifecycle.

10x Focus

Zero in on reachable vulnerabilities only, guiding developer efforts effectively.

Faster remediation

Quickly pinpoint where and how to address vulnerabilities for swift remediation.

Ship secure apps faster

Safely disregard the more than 80% non-reachable vulnerabilities and ship with confidence.

Continuous control

Monitor dependency usage and get instant alerts if a vulnerability becomes reachable.

Coana has been instrumental in identifying which vulnerabilities are reachable, allowing us to concentrate on those that truly matter. This has not only streamlined our security operations but also reduced the burden on our engineering teams, freeing them up to focus on delivering more value for the business.

Atte Huhtakangas

Engineering Manager

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