Unpacking the ROI of Coana's SCA With Reachability Analysis

Coana redefines vulnerability management, combining efficiency with cost savings. Discover how it enhances security and developer moral.

Unpacking the ROI of Coana's SCA With Reachability Analysis

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Anders Søndergaard

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Coana can significantly reduce the costs and efforts related to managing vulnerabilities. Read on to learn about what you can expect when you bring Coana into your security stack.

Vulnerability Management Is a Significant Task

From our in-depth discussions with security and engineering teams, we've realized that managing open source vulnerabilities isn't just a minor task; it's a significant commitment of time. Generally, a developer spends about a week each year on this. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and every company is different, so we recommend doing your own calculations.

Coana: Combining Efficiency with Savings

Coana's reachability analysis changes the game. It's not merely about scanning for vulnerabilities; it involves sophisticated program analysis to understand the usage of vulnerable packages. This approach allows teams to identify the more than 80% of vulnerabilities that aren't relevant in a particular context and thus can be safely disregarded.

Think about it: For a team of 100 engineers, implementing Coana could lead to annual savings of up to $320,000. This calculation is based on the time spent on vulnerabilities per developer (60 hours per year), the average developer hourly salary (calculated at $72, assuming a yearly salary of $150,000 and 2080 working hours), the number of vulnerabilities that can be disregarded (80% false positives), and the size of the team (100 engineers).

Beyond Financial Benefits: Enhancing Developer Morale

Coana's advantages extend beyond mere financial savings. By reducing unnecessary alerts, developers can focus on the truly critical issues, enhancing both their efficiency and job satisfaction. This leads to a better overall developer experience—after all, no developer wants to waste time on tasks that don’t add value.

By integrating Coana, you're not merely saving money; you're investing in a more sustainable, efficient, and secure development lifecycle.

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