Remediate Vulnerabilities Up to 10x Faster

Coana's SCA identifies security vulnerabilities that are genuinely reachable, allowing you to confidently disregard more than 80% false positives.

Coana UI

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Reachability Analysis

Focus on What Matters

Coana's reachability analysis identifies vulnerabilities in both your direct and indirect dependencies that are reachable from your code.

With more than 80% of vulnerabilities being unreachable, you save time and resources by focusing only on the remaining few that pose a real threat.

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Assisted Triaging

Triage Quickly

Coana pinpoints exact locations in your code affected by reachable vulnerabilities.

Allows you to plan appropriate responses without sifting through complicated and fragmented vulnerability disclosure reports.

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Suggested FixeS

Remediate Reachable Vulnerabilities

Coana identifies package updates to remove vulnerabilities.

Ensures that reachable vulnerabilities can be removed swiftly and with minimal effort. The advanced algorithm ensures backward-compatible update solutions, even for vulnerabilities deep in the dependency tree.

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Rapid and Hassle-Free Integration

Start extracting value from Coana in minutes.


Coana integrates with any CI environment and requires no disruptive agents. Coana also automatically identifies project types, workspace configurations, source files, and everything else necessary to run the analysis.

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On-Prem Analysis

Coana's code scan takes place on your machine, ensuring your source code remains within your environment. You can even run Coana without internet access if you prefer.

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Optimize Your Operations

End the overload of false positives for developers and concentrate on the reachable vulnerabilities in both direct and transitive dependencies.


Disregard more than 80%

False positives


Up to 10X

Faster remediation


Annual savings

per developer in the org

Built by Leading Academic Researchers

Coana's reachability analysis is built by members from a leading research group in static analysis.

How it works

Reachability Analysis in Action

Start extracting value from Coana in minutes.

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